Found in 1913 in Brianza by the entrepreneur Mario Corti, Manifattura Corti is now run by the third generation of the family The company specializes in the manufacturing of fabrics for awnings, for large garden sunshades, for technical sun umbrellas, for both interior and outdoor furnishing, for marine, for the food sector, for bathing facilities. The company offers a complete collection with a wide range of articles available immediately and also the possibility to produce fabrics and ribbons according to the specific requirements of the Customer using yarns of acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, linen and cotton fibre. The high quality of the fabrics is guaranteed by the use of machinery and advanced equipments constantly updated and by the exclusive capability of the company to have on its inside the entire cycle of weaving and finishing. This allows to check and certify each working step maintaining high attention to the protection and respect of the environment.

We highlight Novosol, Novosol Eco, Siesta and Marine Line Boat fabrics.

Novosol fabric is 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre, breathable, extremely resistant, suitable for awnings also of large dimensions, for sails structures, for marine applications, for large garden sunshades, available in more than 200 colours. It protects from the sunlight filtering on average more than 85% of UV rays. Studied for demanding Customers, it is a technical product with high performance, lasting and weatherproof. It is produced in various widths from 120 cm to 250 cm.

Novosol Eco
It is a fabric of 100% solution dyed polyester fibre, innovative, environmentally-friendly and resistant particularly suitable for technical applications.

Siesta is a fabric of high level, 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre “outdoor” and breathable. It is a soft fabric, suitable for cushions and upholstery covers, available in over 50 colours. This fabric has a finishing that makes it water-repellent, stain-resistant as well as resistant to moulds and bacteria. The color fastness is guaranteed for a periof of 5 years. Thanks to the stability in weft, it can easily be machine washed at 30° with neutral soap. It is produced in width 140 cm. It has a weight of 270 g / sqm with a guarantee of 1100 N in warp and 680 N in weft of breaking load.

Marine Line Boat
It is a fabric of 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre, breathable, extremely resistant suitable to be used for marine covers. It is produced in widths 150 cm and 200 cm.

The company mainly produces fabrics of acrylic fibre. In this field the fabric is practically unique, being of international standard. What makes our product different from the rest? Mainly for two reasons: quality and service.
Service means rapid delivery (24 hours) while, quality means superior quality of the fabric, with no faults.
The fabric differs from competitors' fabric in the research into colour and pattern and in taking full advantage of this, together with the combination of raw materials used.
“Making a quality product” means constantly improving the characteristics of the product and the services offered by research into company processes, with particular attention to product development, supply, the transformation stages, materials transfer and delivery of goods.
The company
1) Technology – the textile industry has long been a ‘hands-on’ industry.
Today the relationship with machinery has changed and technology has introduced new concepts to meet the demands of an exacting market.
Manifattura Corti has kept abreast of the times with up-to-date machinery and equipment; allowing the company to produce ribbons and fabrics of the highest quality.
  2) Market – as previously mentioned, product demand is relatively stable and mature and the company’s strategy is aimed towards growth through internationalisation.
  3) Manifattura Corti intends to reach a competitive position which will guarantee the company solidity in the long term. An essential concept of this policy is “Quality” and Client service; which the company has made its principal policy, to be pursued through the constant control of activities within the production cycle. Manifattura Corti’s guiding principle is to supply products that fully meet the demands of the client and the market. Quality means setting overall objectives which can only be achieved by constant attention to detail.
The company
therefore intends to:
A) Clearly identify the client’s requirements.
  B) Meet the client’s demands, supplying a product of the highest standard of quality.
  C) To continually improve the products and services, increase client satisfaction, ensure safety for personnel, guarantee respect for the environment and optimise costs.
  D) To make the most suitable technical tools and management and operative techniques available within the company.
  E) To empower personnel in all departments, to ensure the company system maintains a high level of quality.